The Patented KVAR™ System

Renaissance Power Conservation has chosen the patented KVAR™ system for delivering a superior product in the power factor correction arena. KVAR™ holds 14 United States patents on an apparatus that is used to determine the exact capacitance necessary to correct power factor. The patented Sizing equipment allows for the design and construction of the capacitors at a fraction of the cost while maintaining the highest UL standards. The KVAR system allows our dealers to quickly and accurately deliver a power factor correction system to our clients at a considerable savings by eliminating the engineering and third party construction costs.

The KVAR™ system has applications for both commercial and residential end users and has been tested by and are in compliance with the following accredited organizations and institutions: U.S. Department of Energy, EPA, NASA, Underwriters Laboratories, CSA, Cleaner & Greener, and RoHS.

Lighting Replacement and Retrofit

Lighting efficiency is by far the greatest opportunity to conserve energy and energy dollars in any commercial or industrial application. High Intensity Discharge and T12 florescent fixtures are commonplace throughout the country in office buildings, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities. These fixtures are very inefficient when compared to today’s best in class T5 and T8 florescent fixtures that emit the same or more lumens. Energy savings of 30% to 75% are commonplace when fixtures are replaced or retrofitted one for one. Wherever possible, in keeping with our “environmental stewardship” mission statement, we choose to retrofit existing fixtures with patented retrofit kits that only replace the key components of the fixture such as the ballast, tombstones, bulbs, and the addition of a patented reflector.

Our fixtures are patented, American made products that deliver more light from very high quality fixtures. Manufacturer support includes custom design services and lighting layouts, custom designed fixtures for special applications, and best in class pricing.