Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone be an RPC products distributor?
A: No. Careful consideration is given to the suitability of a business with regard to size, success, focus, and reputation. Candidates must demonstrate knowledge and success in marketing, sales, and distribution. Candidates must also demonstrate financial soundness in order to qualify.   

Do I have to sell all of your products or can I pick and choose?
A: Distributors can decide what to represent in our product lines. However, careful consideration is given to distributor candidates’ product offering to ensure that no conflicts exist.

Q: Will I be an independent business or work for RPC?
A: Our distributors are independent businesses, usually already up and running, that represent our products in the marketplace.


Q: What competition exists with the products RPC represents?
A: Power factor correction is out there. There are several large companies that sell franchises and then support them with engineering services required to design the capacitor banks. The end user cost is much higher due to the extra cost for the engineer, so our product is much more competitively priced and significantly more effective. Our distributors receive sizing equipment, inventory, marketing materials, and training to get their businesses off the ground. We don’t make any money until our dealers start making money.
Lighting: RPC is the labeled manufacturer’s rep for the oldest American lighting manufacturer. The company is focused on energy efficient fixtures with reflector designs that outperform the competition. Our price to quality ratio cannot be disputed or beaten. RPC has gained significant market advantages by exploiting the numerous weaknesses in our competition’s products and strategies.  

Q: Are there defined territories for distributors?
A: No, however RPC will ensure that distributors have plenty of market space. We will work with new distributors and their business plans to ensure adequate spacing.