Renaissance Power Conservation, LLC


was founded by two businessmen, one focused on operations and one on finance, in response to their own search for energy-efficient products that provide a positive return on investment. The Company’s ROI-based approach provides clients with cost effective solutions to cut energy consumption, generate savings, and quickly reach positive returns on investment. The Company offers the two most effective products for eliminating energy waste, Lighting Retrofit and Replacement and Power factor Correction. Renaissance and its distributors can achieve reductions in energy use as high as an impressive 70%. Renaissance Power Conservation, LLC seeks to build lasting client relationships by assisting its clients and dealers at every step, from the initial consultation, right through to facilitating the application for tax and energy credits after the installations are complete.


The Renaissance method employs the most current perspective and approach on the application of linear fluorescent technology using engineered reflectors that harness every available lumen from lamp and ballast combinations allowing us to greatly reduce the amount of lamps needed to perform at the same or better lighting levels than other products. Less lamps and ballasts translates into lower up front and overall operating costs. Furthermore, use of carefully selected lamps and ballasts with superior lumens per watt, product life, and warranties allows Renaissance to provide its customers with protections and guarantees backed by GE, Sylvania, and Philips.


In it’s commitment to reduce the waste of energy, materials, and capital, Renaissance chooses to retrofit existing fixtures, wherever possible, reducing energy use by up to 70% and delivering ROIs that reach far below traditional lighting projects.


Renaissance Power Conservation is headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia and has distributors selling its products in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Michigan, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania.


Satisfied Clients Include: Nestle Dreyer’s Ice Cream, Laurel MD, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, Lancaster, PA, Clark Filter, PA, UMASS Hospital, Marlborough, MA, Maxxis Tire, Suwanee, GA, Taylors Do It Centers, Norfolk, VA, Mobile One Courier, Virginia Beach, VA, Bernatello’s Pizza, Maple Lake, MN, AquaTherm, FL, and Quality Industries, Hartwell, GA. Most of the above clients are repeat customers. Give us a call and find out why!


The Renaissance Power Conservation, LLC team:

Alex Ossi – President
Rob McMahon – CFO


Renaissance Power Conservation, LLC. PO Box 11723, Norfolk, Virginia


Renaissance Power Conservation, LLC and 21st Century Power Solutions team up to Save Nestle Dreyer’s over 4 Million KwH per year through better Lighting Solutions


Renaissance Power Conservation, LLC is proud to announce the completion of an energy efficient lighting Retrofit with it’s partner 21st Century Power Solutions at the largest Ice Cream Manufacturing Facility in the world for Nestle Dreyer’s Ice Cream in Laurel, MD.


RPC’s creative and customized approach allowed 21st Century to skate past the competition to win this bid out of a field of 8 of the most well known lighting manufacturers and ESCO’s in the business.


Our team’s service to Dreyer’s included delivery of product and installation ahead of schedule with better than advertised results in the most challenging of environments. Energy savings of over 4 million KwH per year were achieved, a better than 63% savings!


Kudos to 21st Century Power Solutions for a job well done!